Organized by The Belgian Clinical Interest Group Fascial Physiotherapy.

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Movement perception unravelled

With the scientific support of CERAP

In physiotherapy, there has been an ever-increasing interest for awareness and consciousness. Since several years, awareness has been used as a tool in multiple physiotherapyschools such as Basic Body Awareness Therapy, Norwegian Psychomotor Physiotherapy and Fasciatherapy.

This congress aims to bring together different experts from varied domains who study (un)conscious awareness from an anatomical, neurological, physiological and clinical viewpoint to reveal therapeutic and educational applications.

Topics of interest will be:

  • Which perceptive organ is responsible for body-, movement- and self-awareness?
  • Which neurophysiological pathways are used to be aware of different percepts?
  • Which are the possible therapeutic applications and what is their added value?
  • Of which percepts can we be aware?
  • What are the points of convergence and divergence between the different schools of physiotherapy?
  • Physiotherapy in mental health: what does it mean?

KEY NOTE SPEAKERS are L.H. Skjaerven, K. Eckerholt, M. Probst, J-Cl Guimberteau, S. Levin and R. Schleip.


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