This is the provisional schedule for the 2016 Fascia congress.

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DAY 1 > Friday October 14, 2016

Perception and Physiotherapy

8:45 Conference registration opening
9:15 Welcome coffee
9:30 Opening ceremony and witness Jill Peeters
10:00 P. Sercu (B) - Fascia: the Physio-Anatomical Link beween Body and Mind?
10:20 H. Bourhis Ph.D (F) - The added Value of Movement Awareness in the Construction of The Body-Mind Unity
10:50 C. Courraud Ph.D. (F) - Manual perception of the fascia : the physiotherapists' perspective
11:20 R. Schleip Ph.D. (D) - Fascia: The Perceptive Organ (Live Videostream)
12:00 J. Calsius Ph.D. (B) - Fascia as a Royal Road to the Unconscious:
A Transdisciplinary Analysis
12:45 Working lunch

Afternoon > Presentation of the Different Therapeutical Approaches Using Awareness

13:45 H. Skjaerven Ph.D (S) - Basic Body Awareness Therapy: Presentation and Therapeutical Principles
14:30 K. Ekerholt Ph.D (N) - Norwegian Psychomotor Therapy: Presentation and Therapeutical Principles
15:15 P. Sercu (B) - Fasciatherapy: Presentation and Therapeutical Principles
16:00 J.C. Guimberteau M.D. (F) - Observation of the Soft Tissue
16:30 Coffee break
16:45 Workshops 1-4 and 6-8
17:45 Reception offered by Fascia College and Union of Fasciatherapists Belgium

DAY 2 > Saturday, October 15 2016

Fascia: Function in Stability and Movement Quality

9:00 J.C. Guimberteau M.D. (F) - Interior Architecture
9:30 J.C. Guimberteau M.D. (F) - How to Interpret the Observation
10:30 Coffee break
10:50 S. Levin M.D. (US) - The Dynamics of Fascia
11:30 S. Deneweth M.D. (B) - An alternative view on functional anatomy
12:00 L. Bluym (R) - Biotensegrity Inspired Musculoskelettal Assessment
12:30 Working lunch
13:30 D. Bourgeois (B) - Dynamic Anatomy
14:00 P. Huijng Ph.D. (Nl) - Effects of scar tissue on myofascial force transmission and serial number of sarcomeres within muscle fibers in the rat after recovery from tendon transfer surgery.
14:30 Poster session
15:30 Break
15:45 Workshops 1-6, 8 & 9
16:45 Workshops 4, 6, 8 & 10
17:45 End of day 2

DAY 3 > Sunday, October 16 2016

Research - Physiotherapy in Mental Health

8:45 Workshops 1-3 and 6, 8 & 9
9:45 L. de Lausnay (B) - Fasciatherapy in adolescent refugies, victims of posttraumatic stress disorder
10:15 B. Payrau M.D. (F) - Fasciatherapy, a manual therapy modulator of the emotion process
10:45 P. Rosier Ph.D. (B) - The Place of Perception in Physiotherapy as Injury Prevention of Elite Athletes
11:15 Poster session and coffee
11:45 Presentation of the Winning Poster
12:00 M. Probst Ph.D.(B) - Physiotherapy in Mental Heatlh: Challenges in the Future
12:30 D. Bois Ph.D. (F) - Conclusion of the Congress
13:00 The End of the Congress


Fascia: Function in Stability and Movement Quality

1 L.M. Skjaerven: Basic Body Awareness Therapy
2 K. Ekerholt: Norwegian Psychomotor Physiotherapy
3 I. Dekeyser: Fasciatherapy
4 Goossens (MD) : Dietary supplements
5 K. Smet: Rematching, career guidance and physiotherapy in mental health
6 Ph. Rosier: Movement perception as injury prevention of elite athletes
7 J. Calsius: Working from and with the Unconscious in Experiential Body Work. Guidelines for anamnesis and treatment.
8 M. Tarento: Biotensegrity in confort of the structure
9 D-C Martin: A better comprehension of tensegrity: how to build a tensegral structure

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