Fasciatherapy is an individual-oriented form of physiotherapy.

Fasciatherapy was originally developed by Prof. Dr. Danis Bois.

In the 70’s, Prof. Dr. Bois was a lecturer in osteopathy with a healthy dose of curiosity, observational talent and listening skills. He took osteopathy far beyond its boundaries, enriching it with biological science, neuroscience, the philosophy of science and psychopedagogy. His efforts culminated in the PhD dissertation doctorate in Pedagogical Sciences (Sevilla).

Prof. Dr. Danis Bois currently lectures at the Universidade Fernando Pessoa in Porto, Portugal. In addition he heads CERAP, a university research centre in the field of Fasciatherapy and Perceptual Pedagogy. By now, fasciatherapy has developed into an entirely new individual-oriented approach. It is based on the functioning of the body and its impact on the functioning of the individual in relation to his/her movement, mind and behaviour. This therapeutic-philosophical vision is unique.

The therapy and treatment are designed to meet many of the new challenges currently facing medical science. For this reason, the medical field is very embracing of fasciatherapy.

Prof. Dr. Danis Bois guarantees the quality of training in multiple countries and he registers the certified therapists around the world. Since 1994, the Fascia College (the department of fasciatherapy headed by Paul Sercu and his team of lecturers) and the Collège Belge de Fasciathérapie have educated and trained more than 250 fasciatherapists.

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