In 2007, the BFmdb took the initiative to take out group insurance for several reasons.

These reasons are:

  1. It gives our group an identity.
  2. Not all our members are physiotherapists and non-physiotherapists cannot get civil liability insurance for medical and paramedical professions.
  3. There are fasciatherapists who work without reimbursements from the RIZIV and in that case, a traditional civil liability insurance will not cover you either.
  4. If we take out a policy as a group, the individual contributions will be lower compared to individual policies.

At first we signed a contract with Vivium, the insurance branch of ING. However, Vivium sold all its medical and paramedical contracts to Amma (the market leader in this sector). This meant that we had to renegotiate all the terms of the policy. After some discussion we managed to add "sensorial osteopathy" in our policy, which can make a significant price difference compared to traditional insurance for the osteopaths amongst us.

Since then, the number of members that have subscribed to our group insurance has nearly doubled from a good 30 in 2007 to 75 at the end of 2011. This is the reason why the contribution has not changed in spite of rising market prices.

For further information please contact Philippe Rosier via


You can subscribe by transferring the amount for your membership and the insurance to BFmdb's account number 652-8035664-72. Below the guarantees of the special terms of the policy:

Civil liability
Bodily injury 2.5 million EUR per claim and per insurance year
Property damage 125 000 EUR per claim and per insurance year
Legal protection insurance
Redress and defence 12.500 EUR per claim
Inability of third parties 6.200 EUR per claim
Advances 6.200 EUR per claim
Security 25.000 EUR per claim

There is no exemption foreseen in the contract.