Zomerseminarie 'Van snelheid tot stilte en verder'

Zomerseminarie 'Van snelheid tot stilte en verder'

Zomerseminarie olv Joanne Avison.

From Speed to Stillness and Beyond

The human body can move; it is a sign of life. We can choose to move fast or slow or to become still. In stillness we find the depth of contemplation and the power to be present to the deeper rhythmical movements of our inner world. In speed we express the essence of moving through space in response to gravity, travelling through our outer world. How do we make the transitions and translate gravity with grace?

In this workshop we will explore the fascia, the tensional fabric of the human form, as a unifying principle of vitality. We will consider how we develop from the original embryo, through biotensegrity principles to the adult, each animating our own sensory architecture. We will include how the Myofascial Meridians (referencing Anatomy Trains, Tom Myers) can be useful in recognising postural patterns as a guideline in practice. We will highlight how they can inform subtle adjustment skills in movement and provide extra insight to any soft tissue work on the manual therapy table.

This workshop is designed to expand your repertoire regardless of your particular or favoured modality. It will include many aspects of the latest Fascia Research, however they will be presented in a way that can be understood theoretically and applied practically. Participants will be invited to engage in movement and meditative explorations to experience the workshop material kinaesthetically. There will be theory and practice with guided discussion to ensure the material is both relevant and accessible for the group.

Please wear comfortable layers that you can move in freely and bring a mat or towel and a light blanket.

Joanne Avison is currently working on a new book for Handspring Publishing; YOGA: Fascia, Form & Functional Movement, due out in Spring 2014. She teaches regular workshops around the world and writes for Bodywork Professional Development, presenting webinars and talk shows that bring the latest research in Fascia into safe practice for manual and movement therapists.

Joanne is a director of the Art of Contemporary Yoga Teacher Training School, (AOCY) accredited worldwide by various international regulatory bodies. She holds E-RYT500 status, which denotes Experience with many thousands of registered teaching hours over the last two decades, accumulated all over the world. Joanne is also a Professional Structural Integrator (IASI) and as a graduate of Tom Myer’s KMI school (2001) where she became a Certified Teacher of Kinesis, before co-founding the yoga teacher training programme. Her considerable experience in both movement and manual therapy inspired the school’s integrated approach to yoga. Her intensive studies include Human Dissection and movement research in Fascial Fitness with Robert Schleip. She has also studied Cranio-sacral therapy and her early background in design and the arts, as a professional author, has always informed her enthusiastic approach to teaching and learning.

Joanne’s workshops and webinars are lively, informative and practical.

She is also a CMED Graduate (2004) and has studied extensively in Human Development as well as specialising in soft tissue and the links between archetypal behaviour and posture. Her unique approach to fascia as the keystone of vitality in the individual body is both engaging and accessible.

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